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The Dreaded Antifouling

At the start of the boating season, you can walk through the port and you will hear many different interesting voices. There are people cursing, sighing and yelling. It is how you know it is time for most sailors to do their yacht antifouling. They are sweating and scrubbing, painting and whining. Who could blame them? Everyone knows yacht antifouling is an absolute pain in the neck. If you could avoid it altogether, you surely would, but unfortunately, yacht antifouling is absolutely essential when it comes to preservation and maintenance of your yacht. But have no fear, there are many ways to make it less annoying and almost bearable.

What to Do to Make It More Tolerable

You can try ultrasonic antifouling if you are tired of the mainstream way of antifouling. With ultrasonic antifouling, you will be given a small device to attach to the hull. The device will vibrate, making your boat an unsuitable environment for things to grow on. Sound great, does it not? It is actually quite impressive! Ultrasonic antifouling is quickly becoming one of the most popular new ways to get rid of materials that grow on the vessel. If you do not want to invest in the portable ultrasound device, you can also try moving your boat every once in a while. Supposedly, if you transport your vessel from salt water to fresh water, the environment, again, becomes unfit for saltwater creatures and vice versa. If you do that regularly, painting and re-painting your boat becomes a thing of the past. If you really do not want to do your antifouling yourself, you can hire someone to do it for you as well. It will be a bit costlier, but what is a little money when it comes to your sanity.